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Unit 1
Unit 11
A Secret Romance
Unit 21
A Good Parent
Unit 2
TV or not TV
Unit 12
Staying Together
Unit 22
Losing Touch
Unit 3
Beautiful Men
Unit 13
Shen's Boss
Unit 23
A Daughter's Decision
Unit 4
Cosmetic Surgery
Unit 14
Naomi's Dilemma
Unit 24
Whose Child?
Unit 5
I Can't Say No
Unit 15
Drinking Workers
Unit 25
Saving Mother Earth
Unit 6
Embarrassing Mother
Unit 16
Dress for Success
Unit 26
Aging Parent
Unit 7
Unit 17
A Chocolate Lover's Nightmare
Unit 27
Can War Make Peace?
Unit 8
Stanley in Love
Unit 18
Career Choice
Unit 28
Do Animals Have Rights?
Unit 9
Always Late
Unit 19
Following Him
Unit 29
A Way to Escape
Unit 10
The Computer Nut
Unit 20
A Mother's Worry
Unit 30
Adult Children

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