Sample Unit 14

Impact Issues is a reading/listening/discussion course, based on 30 current "issues", many of them controversial. The units are organized into five sets of six units: Lifestyles, Families, Relationships, Life and Death, Society (see Table of Contents). The units were selected based on several surveys of college-age students about topics they consider important to discuss.

The sample unit shown here is one of the lighter issues, "Tom Cat's Story", which is about how humans treat their pets, told from the viewpoint of a pet!

The sample unit is typical of all the units. It consists of a two page spread: the left hand page presents the story (which is also on the audio CD at the back of each book), while the right-hand page presents the two follow up activities, What do you think? and Looking at the Issue. There is a corresponding section in the back of the book for each unit, Interaction Tips, which presents language gambits for talking about the topic.

Listen to the audio that accompanies this lesson. (Requires the free Real Audio player.