Unit 8: Shopping in Singapore

Ms. Lim works for the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board. She is going to tell you why you should consider Singapore for your next holiday trip.

  1. Would you like some _______ about where to go on holiday?
  2. a. advice     b. advices

  3. I'll give you several _______ to go to Singapore.
  4. a. reason     b. reasons

  5. First of all, if you like _________, you'll love Singapore.
  6. a. shopping     b. shoppings

  7. You can buy _______ for much less than you would pay elsewhere.
  8. a. clothing     b. clothings

  9. If fact, you may want to buy some new ________ so that you can bring home everything you buy!
  10. a. luggage     b. luggages

  11. Singapore is not just a place to shop. There are many interesting _______ to visit.
  12. a. place     b. places

  13. And if you like sports, there are many ________ to enjoy yourself: horse racing, golf, cricket, tennis, and swimming, to name a few.
  14. a. way      b. ways

  15. And of course, you can be sure you will enjoy ___________.
  16. a. good weather b. a good weather

  17. If you would like more ________, call the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board.
  18. a. information     b. informations

  19. The _______ of the Singapore Tourist Promotions Board is ready to help you.

    a. staff     b. staffs





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