Unit 6: A Not-So-Perfect Person

Use "no" or "not" to complete the sentences.

  1. I met Brett at a party but she's ____ the kind of girl who likes parties.
  1. She's got _____ money but I don't mind.
  1. She is ____ working at the moment but she's looking for a job.
  1. She likes to take things easy but she is ____ lazy.
  1. She's the kind of girl with _____ worries in the world.
  1. She likes to talk all the time. I don't mind because I'm ____ talker.
  1. She says she has got _____ friends at all but she's always on the phone.
  1. She's ____ very beautiful.
  1. She does ____ really know how to dress.
  1. She's certainly _____ angel but I think I love her.





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