Unit 50: Little Red Riding Hood

1. Once upon a time, there was a little girl __________ name was Cindy.

(A) who     (B) whom     (C) whose

2. However, no one called her by that name. They all knew her as the girl __________ hat was red.

(A) who     (B) whose     (C) the whose

3. They called her Little Red Riding Hood. She was a girl __________ grandmother lived in the forest outside of town.

(A) whose     (B) who her     (C) whose her

4. One day, Little Red Riding Hood's mother, __________ cooking was very good, sent Little Red Riding Hood into the forest.

(A) who     (B) to whom     (C) whose

5. Little Red Riding Hood's mother said, "Remember __________ house you are going to. Don't talk to strangers on the way!"

(A) whose the     (B) whose     (C) who

6. But Little Red Riding Hood, __________ character was friendly, talked to a wolf on the way.

(A) who     (B) whom     (C) whose

7. The wolf asked her __________ home she was going to.

(A) whose her     (B) whose the     (C) whose

8. The wolf, __________ appetite was big, ran ahead and ate Little Red Riding's grandmother.

(A) whose     (B) whose his     (C) who the

9. But Little Red Riding Hood, __________ eyes were very sharp, understood what had happened.

(A) who     (B) whose     (C) whom

10. She got help from a woodcutter __________ house was nearby, and rescued her grandmother.

(A) who his     (B) who     (C) whose





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