Unit 47: A Job Interview

1. Mr. Jones: It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Smith.
    Mr. Smith: My pleasure. What job __________ for?

(A) are you applying     (B) you are applying

2. Mr. Jones: An English teacher.
    Mr. Smith: Good. I'd like to know how many years experience __________.

(A) do you have     (B) you have

3. Mr. Jones: I have been a teacher for ten years.
    Mr. Smith: Excellent! Where __________?

(A) have you taught     (B) you have taught

4. Mr. Jones: I've taught at the University of Minnesota, Hamline University, and St. Thomas College.
    Mr. Smith: I need to know when __________ at the University of Minnesota.

(A) did you work     (B) you worked

5. Mr. Jones: I taught at the University of Minnesota from 1992-1997.
    Mr. Smith: Tell me what skills __________.

(A) did you teach     (B) you taught

6. Mr. Jones: I gave courses in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
    Mr. Smith: I'm wondering how many students __________ in your classes.

(A) did you have     (B) you had

7. Mr. Jones: I usually had fifteen students in my classes.
    Mr. Smith: Why __________ to teach at Mission College?

(A) do you want     (B) you want

8. Mr. Jones: I think Mission College is a school where __________ excellent computer labs.

(A) are there     (B) there are

9. Mr. Smith: Yes, we do have great computer labs here. I can understand why __________ a job here.

(A) do you want     (B) you want

10. Mr. Smith: Well, I want you to work for us.
     Mr. Jones: Wonderful! Can you tell me when __________ teaching?

(A) will I start     (B) I will start





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