Unit 46: The Complainer

1. I'm very unhappy. I don't have __________.

(A) enough money     (B) money enough

2. My 1998 Mercedes is __________ and I have to buy a new one.

(A) old enough     (B) too old

3. My husband's Jaguar isn't __________.

(A) too fast     (B) fast enough

4. My silver isn't __________ and I have to get it polished.

(A) enough shiny     (B) shiny enough

5. My fur coat isn't __________.

(A) fashionable enough     (B) enough fashionable

6. My ten-room house is __________ for my furniture.

(A) too small     (B) small enough

7. My maid says her salary isn't __________.

(A) high enough     (B) enough high

8. My cook is always complaining that he doesn't have __________ to prepare food in.

(A) enough space     (B) space enough

9. My children don't have __________ to play with.

(A) toys enough     (B) enough toys

10. As you can see, my income isn't __________.

(A) high enough     (B) enough high





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