Unit 45: Julia and Jim's Date

Complete the following sentences with 'too,' 'so,' 'either' or 'neither.'

1. Julia: Hi, I'm Julia. Glad to meet you.
    Jim: Glad to meet you, ______. I'm Jim.

2. Julia: We're in a park, and it's a nice day. I would like to take a walk.
    Jim: ________ would I. Do you come to this park often?

3. Julia: No, I don't come here as much as I would like.
    Jim: I don't _________. Why don't you come often?

4. Julia: I'm too busy. Why don't you come here a lot?
    Jim: I'm very busy, ________. Would you like a soda?

5. Julia: No, thanks, I don't like soda.
    Jim: In fact, ________ do I. But I'm thirsty.

6. Julia: ________ am I. Maybe we can get some juice over there.
    Jim: That's a good idea. Let's check.

7. Julia: Oh! Look at the cute dog. I love dogs!
    Jim: _______ do I. I have a dog at home.

8. Julia: I do, _______.
    Jim: I don't have enough time to spend with my dog.

9. Julia: _________ do I. If I weren't so busy, I would take my dog for a walk twice a day.

10. Jim: ______ would I. I have an idea. Let's meet again and bring our dogs.
    Julia: That sounds great.





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