Unit 44: Alice in Wonderland

1. A famous British book is called Alice in Wonderland. Strange things __________ to a little girl named Alice.

(A) happen     (B) is happened

2. At the beginning of the story, Alice sees a rabbit in the garden. Suddenly, the rabbit __________ into a hole.

(A) disappears     (B) is disappeared

3. Alice follows the rabbit. After than, funny things __________.

(A) occur     (B) is occurred

4. She __________ very far down into the hole.

(A) falls     (B) is fallen

5. She __________ falling at the bottom of the hole.

(A) stops     (B) is stopped

6. She drinks from a bottle, and her size __________.

(A) decreases     (B) is decreased

7. She __________ to get smaller until she stops drinking.

(A) continues     (B) is continued

8. When she eats a cake, she __________ larger.

(A) becomes     (B) is become

9. The drink and the cake __________ of something very strange!

(A) consist     (B) are consisted

10. Fortunately, Alice __________ by the food.

(A) doesn't hurt     (B) isn't hurt





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