Unit 43: Child Care

1. My mother is always giving me advice about my two-year-old daughter. First, she says that I __________ my daughter alone.

(A) should never leave     (B) should never be left

2. Young children __________ all the time.

(A) must watch     (B) must be watched

3. My daughter __________ away from small objects by adults.

(A) should keep     (B) should be kept

4. Small objects __________ into the mouth, but cannot be eaten.

(A) can put     (B) can be put

5. My floors __________ clean.

(A) must keep     (B) must be kept

6. I __________ with my daughter when she is taking a bath.

(A) should stay     (B) should be stayed

7. It is best if young children __________ in the bathroom.

(A) watch     (B) are watched

8. My mother also says that I __________ a story to my daughter every night.

(A) should read     (B) should be read

9. But after I read a story, the light __________ off.

(A) should switch     (B) should be switched

10. Finally, it is best if I __________ my daughter goodnight.

(A) kiss     (B) am kissed





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