Unit 41: The Benefits of Television

1. Television is a __________ way to give people information.

(A) creative     (B) creativity

2. You can get ideas about how to have a __________ lifestyle.

(A) health     (B) healthy

3. You can learn how to discipline __________ children.

(A) naughtiness     (B) naughty

4. There are programs about how to manage your __________.

(A) wealth     (B) wealthy

5. In addition, people also watch shows about __________ time management.

(A) efficient     (B) efficiency

6. There are shows that explain how to cope with __________ situations.

(A) difficult     (B) difficulty

7. News programs tell you when politicians do __________ things.

(A) dishonest     (B) dishonesty

8. Other programs explain the problems that __________ people have.

(A) elder     (B) elderly

9. There are __________ cartoons on television that help children learn to read.

(A) fun     (B) funny

10. You can also find out about the personal lives of __________ pop singers.

(A) sex     (B) sexy





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