Unit 39: Career Choices

1. If I study music, I __________ become a pianist.

(A) will     (B) would

2. If I __________ a pianist, I would be very happy because I love music.

(A) am     (B) was

3. If I was a professional musician, I __________ travel all over the world playing music.

(A) will     (B) would

4. But if I __________ a pianist, I would not earn much money.

(A) become     (B) became

5. I __________ earn a lot of money if I learn to program computers.

(A) will     (B) would

6. If I __________ a lot of money, I would buy a big house.

(A) earn     (B) earned

7. But I don't like computers. I would be unhappy if I __________ computers.

(A) program     (B) programmed

8. If I __________ to be a social worker, I would make the world a happier place.

(A) choose     (B) chose

9. But I __________ earn a lot of money if I became a social worker.

(A) won't     (B) wouldn't

10. If I didn't have to think about money, my career choice __________ be much easier!

(A) will     (B) would





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