Unit 38: Exploring Mars

1. A new spacecraft, Mars Polar Lander, __________ its journey to Mars next week.

(A) will begin     (B) begins

2. Scientists __________ for it to land at the south pole of Mars.

(A) will plan     (B) plan

3. Immediately, the Lander __________ to dig in the ground.

(A) will start     (B) starts

4. Perhaps, it __________ water.

(A) will find     (B) finds

5. It __________ through the frozen ground.

(A) will drill     (B) drills

6. Then, it __________ the dirt to a very high temperature.

(A) will heat     (B) heats

7. Liquid in the dirt __________.

(A) will evaporate     (B) evaporates

8. The Lander __________ the gas to see if it contains any water.

(A) will analyze     (B) analyzes

9. In addition, the Lander __________ a new age of space exploration in another way.

(A) will start     (B) starts

10. The Mars Polar Lander has a microphone. The Lander __________ sound to the Earth. People can listen over the Internet.

(A) will send     (B) sends





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