Unit 37: Anne's Answer

Complete the following sentences with 'always,' 'very,' 'really' or 'sometimes.'

In your textbook, you listened to and read a letter from Angela to the newspaper advice column "Dear Anne." This is Anne's reply.

Dear Angela,

1. You wrote to me asking about your boyfriend Rick. I think you are living in a __________ difficult situation.

2. You say that Rick is __________ loving and caring, and you care for him a lot. He is fun to be with and makes you laugh.

3. He __________ gets drunk with his friends.

4. Someone who is __________ using his money to drink alcohol may be hard to live with.

5. There are other things to spend money on, and he is not looking to the future. In this way, he is __________ not amusing.

6. If he is __________ fighting with you when he drinks, I think you should be very careful.

7. He should not be so angry that he is __________ frightening. Rick could have a problem with drinking.

8. There is something else you should consider. Maybe he is __________ quarreling because he is unhappy with your relationship. You need to talk to him.

9. It is clear to me that Rick's behavior has become __________ annoying for you.

10. I understand why you are __________ doubting if you want to marry Rick. Think about what I wrote, and the best to you!





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