Unit 36: Rules for a Better World

Complete the following sentences with 'let' or 'make.'

1. I want to __________ the world a better place to live in.

2. First, I would __________ sure everyone has enough to eat.

3. I would not __________ some people starve while others throw food away.

4. Second, it's important that everyone get proper health care. If going to the doctor is too expensive, people will __________ their illnesses get very bad.

5. Rule three is that all companies __________ a good environment for their workers.

6. & 7. I would not __________ companies put people into very noisy rooms or __________ them work seventy hours a week.

8. Another rule I would __________ is against war.

9. People would not __________ their disagreements get very bad.

10. Finally, I would __________ people have freedom of speech.





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