Unit 35: Smoking is Bad for Your Health

1. George: Mary, I love you. I want __________ with you forever.

(A) to be     (B) being

2. George: But I can't be with you if you don't stop __________.

(A) to smoke     (B) smoking

3. George: I really enjoy __________ you in my arms.

(A) to hold     (B) holding

4. George: But I can't stand __________ you because you taste like ashes.

(A) to kiss     (B) kissing

5. Mary: I am trying __________, but it's hard.

(A) to stop     (B) stopping

6. Mary: Whenever I drink coffee, I miss __________ cigarette with it.

(A) to have     (B) having

7. Mary: When I want a cigarette, I'll stop __________ about my love for you first. Then I won't smoke.

(A) to think     (B) thinking

8. Mary: I can't ever risk __________ you.

(A) to lose     (B) losing

9. Mary: I swear __________ this habit!

(A) to give up     (B) giving up

10. George: Wonderful! I'm glad you have agreed __________ my suggestion!

(A) to take     (B) taking





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