Unit 34: Dogs

Complete the following sentences with other, the other, or another.

1. Dogs are popular throughout the world. In some places, dogs are pets. However, in __________ places, dogs are not pets.

2. In places where dogs are pets, people treat them like __________ member of the family.

3. People buy special food for their dogs, and some people buy them coats. __________ thing people do for their pet dogs is take them to groomers who shampoo their fur and style it.

4. Dogs have __________ special kinds of relationships with humans. Sometimes people need dogs to help them get through life.

5. One use of dogs is to help blind people figure out where to go and be their "eyes". __________ use is to serve as the "ears" of deaf people.

6. __________ sense that dogs use to help people is their excellent sense of smell. Police officers use dogs to help them find missing people.

7. Some people make money from dogs. They race them. __________ thing people do is force dogs to fight each other. In both cases, people make money by gambling.

8. There is __________ reason that people love dogs. However, for people who like pet dogs, this is not pleasant to think about.

9. In many countries in the world, dogs are food. In fact, dogs are a delicacy, and a meal of dog is more expensive than many __________ dishes.

10. There are two great things about dogs. Dogs are wonderful pets. __________ thing is dogs help people to survive.





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