Unit 32: Alexandria

Complete the following sentences with 'a,' 'an' or 'the' when needed.

1. & 2. Alexandria is __________ city in Egypt. It is located where the Nile meets __________ Mediterranean Sea.

3. Two thousand years ago, Alexandria had __________ amazing library.

4. It was huge because every time a ship came to the city, they had to give __________ books to the library.

5. Alexandria was __________ important and busy port. Therefore, many books were added to its collection.

6. There were not many __________ libraries in the ancient world.

7. __________ unfortunate thing happened, however.

8. & 9. There was __________ war, and the library, with its thousands of books, was destroyed by __________ being burned to the ground.

10. Recently, the Egyptian government has decided to build __________ new library in Alexandria.





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