Unit 31: Palau

Insert the definite article 'the' where needed.

1. Palau consists of more than 200 islands in __________ Pacific Ocean.

2. Although __________ islands are in a chain about 650 kilometers long, Palau is isolated.

3. __________ nearest countries are far away.

4. For example, __________ Philippines are 850 kilometers away.

5. Palau is beautiful, and __________ weather is warm and tropical. It's a wonderful place for a relaxing vacation in the sun.

6. Tourism and craft items are Palau's industries. Some craft items are made of __________ shells.

7. & 8. Palau has a long history. __________ first people who lived there probably came from __________ Indonesia and other islands in about 1500 B.C.

9. In 1521, __________ Ferdinand Magellan, a famous explorer, visited Palau.

10. Palau was ruled by __________ other countries for many centuries, and became independent in 1994.





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