Unit 30: The Empire State Building

1. They __________ to build The Empire State Building in 1930.

(A) were starting     (B) started     (C) start

2. They __________ it thirteen months later, in 1931.

(A) were finishing     (B) finishing     (C) finished

3. First, they __________ down the old Waldorf Astoria hotel.

(A) were tearing     (B) were tore     (C) tore

4. & 5. At the same time workers __________ the Empire State Building, many other people __________ no job.

(A) were building     (B) had     (C) built

6. Every day, men __________ up on the new building working.

(A) stood     (B) was standing     (C) were stood

7. Down below, many men __________ up from a line hoping to get a job.

(A) did look     (B) were looking     (C) were look

8. It was an exciting project. Every day a man with a camera __________ photographs.

(A) was taking     (B) took     (C) is taking

9. The man's photographs __________ to be put into a book about the building of the tallest building in the world.

(A) are going     (B) went     (C) were going

10. The Empire State Building __________ the tallest building in the world until 1974, when the Sears Tower was built.

(A) was being     (B) were     (C) was





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