Unit 29: A Letter of Application

1. I am writing in application for a job as a computer programmer. I __________ a programmer at BMI for the past five years.

(A) have been     (B) was

2. I __________ my B.S. in computer science from MIT in June, 1989.

(A) have received     (B) received

3. Then, from 1989-1992, I __________ for Moon Microsystems.

(A) has worked     (B) worked

4. From 1992-1994, I __________ the position of Senior Programmer at Orange Computers.

(A) have had     (B) had

5. I __________ many excellent programs since I started my career.

(A) have written     (B) wrote

6. For example, I __________ programs to make the Internet faster since 1995.

(A) have developed     (B) developed

7. For the past three years, Orange __________ me to conferences to explain how I do my work.

(A) sent     (B) has sent

8. I __________ a book called The Speedy Internet in 1999.

(A) have published     (B) published

9. I __________ my work for many years, and want to work for you now.

(A) have enjoyed     (B) enjoyed

10. I have excellent qualifications, and I __________ great work. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

(A) did     (B) have done





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