Unit 28: Getting a Job in the U.S.

Complete the following sentences with have to, has to, or should.

1. Katsu: Hi Paul! I'm calling from Japan. I want to get some advice from you. What do I __________ do to get a job in the U.S?

2. Paul: Good to hear from you, Katsu! I'm glad you want to come here. First of all, you __________ decide what company you want to work for.

3. Katsu: I know that. I will work for Macrosave.
    Paul: That's a good start. Macrosave __________ tell you what your job will be.

4. Katsu: OK.
    Paul: Then, you __________ get a H-1 visa.

5. Katsu: Where do I apply for one?
    Paul: Macrosave __________ file some papers.

6. Katsu: I think I also __________ get a medical exam.

7. Paul: That's right. Your doctor might not have the form. You __________ go to the American Embassy and ask for one.

8. Katsu: When I go to the Embassy, I guess I __________ bring gifts for the officials.

9. Paul: No, don't do that. But bring some money. You __________ pay an application fee.

10. Katsu: I know about that. I have a lot to do. I __________ get off the phone now. Thanks for your help.





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