Unit 27: Is There Life on Other Worlds?

1. Is Earth the only place in the universe where life exists? Some people think that there __________ life on other worlds. Others don't think so.

(A) might     (B) can be     (C) might be     (D) was

2. The scientists at the US' Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) __________ for signs of intelligent life on other planets.

(A) search     (B) may search     (C) searches     (D) could search

3. They send out powerful radio signals. They think life on other planets __________ these signals.

(A) may receive     (B) can receive     (C) receive     (D) receives

4. They also have big satellite dishes to listen. Other life __________ messages.

(A) sent     (B) sends     (C) can send     (D) may send

5. Astronauts think that we __________ on other planets.

(A) found     (B) find     (C) to find     (D) can find

6. This belief is very strong. When astronauts come back from space, they are placed alone in quarantine. Astronauts believe they __________ dangerous life back with them.

(A) brought     (B) could bring     (C) can bring     (D) might bring

7. One place life __________ is Mars. There are canals on Mars, and maybe there is water.

(A) might exist     (B) existed     (C) exists     (D) can exist

8. However, we don't have any evidence of life on other worlds. There is a lot of science fiction about life on other worlds. Science fiction writers __________ that Earth is not the only place with life.

(A) might dream     (B) dreams     (C) can dreamt     (D) dream

9. On the other hand, some people disagree. They say that there __________ life on only one planet - Earth. The Earth is unique.

(A) might be     (B) can be     (C) could be     (D) was

10. Although scientists __________ looking for extra-terrestrial life, they probably will continue their search.

(A) stopped     (B) stop     (C) could stop     (D) might stop

11. We continue to look into space and dream. The question __________ one we cannot answer soon.

(A) can be     (B) is     (C) was     (D) may be





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