Unit 26: The San Diego Zoo

Complete the following sentences with there's or it's.

1. San Diego has a very large and well-known zoo. In fact, __________ divided in two parts.

2. __________ a regular zoo, and a "wild animal park". The two parts are thirty miles from each other.

3. The regular zoo is large. __________ a lot to see there. Leave a whole day free.

4. One of the most famous animals at the San Diego Zoo is the panda. __________ a picture of a panda on the zoo map. Of course, you can buy lots of panda souvenirs there.

5. __________ also a huge lizard, called a komodo dragon, in the Zoo.

6. __________ as big as a small house. Its breath will make you very sick.

7. The Wild Animal Park is wonderful because you can see rare and endangered animals in a natural setting. The animals run freely. __________ no place like it in the U.S.

8. At the Wild Animal Park, __________ a train tour.

9. __________ filled with exotic plants as well as animals.

10. One other good thing about visiting the San Diego Zoo is the weather. __________ almost always sunny and warm.





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