Unit 25: Apples and Oranges

1. An idiom of contrast in English is "they're like apples and oranges". This means that two things are __________ from each other.

(A) from     (B) contrast     (C) different     (D) same

2. Twins are sometimes like apples and oranges. One might be tall, and the other short. They are __________ each other.

(A) compared with     (B) similar to     (C) like     (D) not like

3. I can think of ways to compare apples __________ oranges.

(A) with     (B) from     (C) as     (D) not like

4. They are __________ each other in some ways. For example, both apples and oranges are sweet and grow on trees.

(A) compare     (B) different     (C) similar to     (D) unlike

5. Apples are __________ oranges because they are round. They are popular fruits that many people love to eat.

(A) in contrast to     (B) like     (C) too similar     (D) compared with

6. But oranges are usually orange, __________ apples, which come in many colors.

(A) in contrast with     (B) compared from     (C) like     (D) compared with

7. Apples are __________ oranges because of their color. Apples can be yellow, red, and green, but never orange!

(A) different from     (B) from different     (C) unlike from     (D) like

8. __________ apples, oranges are sweet.

(A) Unlike from     (B) Different to     (C) From contrast to     (D) In contrast to

9. The fruits are __________ each other in another way. You have to cut an apple into pieces. An orange comes in sections.

(A) like     (B) not like     (C) compared from     (D) different to

10. Apples and oranges are __________ in another way. They grow in different climates. __________ apples, oranges need a warm climate with lots of warm sunshine.

(A) unlike     (B) similar to     (C) in contrast to     (D) compared with





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