Unit 24: A Tall Tale About Big Bill

1. Big Bill is __________ a tree.

(A) as tall as     (B) as tall     (C) as taller as     (D) tall as

2. When he looks down, people seem __________ ants.

(A) smaller than     (B) small as     (C) as small as     (D) like smaller

3. When he walks, the ground shakes __________ earthquake.

(A) as an     (B) like an     (C) as like an     (D) as if an

4. His voice is __________ thunder.

(A) like loud as     (B) loud as     (C) like a     (D) as loud as

5. Because he is very kind, he usually doesn't talk. He's __________ clam.

(A) silent like     (B) as silent     (C) as silent as a     (D) like silent

6. He has to walk __________ molasses. He has to be careful!

(A) as slow as     (B) slow as     (C) as slow     (D) as slower than

7. When he gets excited, he's never __________ bull in a china shop.

(A) like a     (B) as a     (C) as like a     (D) alike a

8. If he stepped on someone, they'd be __________ pancake!

(A) as flat as a     (B) flat like     (C) as flat a     (D) like flatter

9. He's __________ ox. He helped build the Empire State Building in New York.

(A) like strong     (B) the strong like     (C) as stronger like an     (D) as strong as an

10. Because he's so big, however, he feels __________ fish out of water. Sometimes, he wants to be the same size as the rest of us!

(A) like     (B) like a     (C) alike a     (D) as a





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