Unit 23: Computers Then and Now

1. Josh: I talked to my grandfather yesterday about computers. When he was a boy, computers were __________ than they are now. He had a computer that took up a whole room!

(A) larger     (B) the largest     (C) large

2. Connie: Wow! I have a much __________ computer than that! I have a laptop.

(A) small     (B) the smallest     (C) smaller

3. Josh: Computers in the 1950's were really large. They were __________ than a person!

(A) big     (B) bigger     (C) biggest

4. Connie: What was __________ computer?

(A) more taller     (B) the tallest     (C) tall

5. Josh: I don't know. I will ask my grandfather. Computers were __________ than now, too. They needed a lot of people to move one.

(A) the heaviest     (B) heavier     (C) heavy

6. Josh: They also weren't cheap. They were much __________ 50 years ago.

(A) more expensive     (B) expensive     (C) the most expensive

7. Josh: Computers were in big rooms. Computers got very hot. Some rooms were __________ than 85 degrees Celsius.

(A) the hottest     (B) hot     (C) hotter

8. Connie: Was that OK for the computers? I think computers need __________ rooms!

(A) more chilly     (B) chilly     (C) chillier

9. Josh: You're right! They had air conditioners. __________ temperature for a computer was about 20 degrees Celsius.

(A) more suitable     (B) the most suitable     (C) suitable

10. Connie: I think computers are __________ now than they were in the 1950's! Computers are small and don't create a lot of heat.

(A) more convenient     (B) convenient     (C) the most convenient





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