Unit 22: Buying Presents

Complete the following sentences with a few, few, a little, or little.

1. I will give you __________ advice about buying presents for my friends.

2. Susan loves little, cute dolls. She wants __________ more.

3. Gloria is very rich, so I never know what to buy her. She needs __________ things.

4. I can give you __________ help with Gloria's present.

5. William likes to read books about science, but he does read about history, too. Buy him __________ books.

6. William likes art, too, although he has __________ paintings.

7. Joan likes necklaces and rings. I suggest buying her __________ jewelry.

8. You can get her a very nice necklace for only __________ dollars!

9. Joe likes all kinds of music. You can choose a CD for him with __________ difficulty.

10. George likes a lot of things. The best present for George is __________ money!





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