Unit 21: Mike and Margaret Move to Spain

1. Mike and Margaret have lived in many countries. They __________ to Madrid from São Paulo. Now they live near the Prado Museum.

     (A) recently moved     (B) moved recently

2. Why _________ move? They enjoy studying art, music, history and languages of different countries.

     (A) do often they     (B) do they often     (C) are they often     (D) are often they

3. Margaret is an artist. She __________ the museums in Madrid to enjoy and study art.

     (A) visits regularly     (B) regularly visits

4. Mike is a language teacher. He ______________ teaching students from different countries.

     (A) enjoys always     (B) always enjoys     (C) is always enjoyed

5. Both of them speak Portuguese and they __________ how to speak Spanish.

     (A) quickly learning     (B) learning quick     (C) quickly are learning     (D) are quickly learning

6. Night life in Madrid is exciting. When Mike and Margaret are not busy, ___________ go out with friends.

     (A) they usually     (B) they are usually      (C) usually     (D) are usually

7. They both enjoy music. Margaret plays the guitar, but she __________.

     (A) plays not perfectly     (B) perfectly doesn't plays     (C) doesn't play perfectly     (D) doesn't perfectly play

8 & 9. Public transportation in Madrid is very convenient, but the roads ___________ crowded. People ____________ buses, taxis and subways to get around.

     (A) are usually     (B) normally use     (C) use normally     (D) usually uses

10. Next year Mike and Margaret may move to Seoul, Korea. But for now, they ___________ in Spain.

     (A) are happily living     (B) is happily living     (C) living happily     (D) happily are living





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