Unit 20: A New City, Newtown

1. Where ________ the nearest post office?

     (A) I can find     (B) can I find     (C) find     (D) I find

2. How late ________ the supermarket open?

     (A) are     (B) is     (C) will be

3. I need a hair cut. Where ________ go to get my hair cut?

     (A) should I     (B) I should     (C) should

4 & 5. What ________ do in the evenings? Where can ________ go to dance?

     (A) people can     (B) do people     (C) people

6. ________ do you recommend?

     (A) What is the restaurant     (B) What restaurants     (C) Where is the restaurant     (D) Restaurants

7. How much ________ cost here?

     (A) does a house     (B) a house     (C) a house does     (D) houses

8. ________ buy furniture?

     (A) Where I can     (B) Where can I     (C) Where is to     (D) Where

9 & 10. A: Where ________ find a really cheap meal?     B: Well, what ________ you like to eat?     A: Almost anything, but I don't have a lot of money.

     (A) do you     (B) I can     (C) do     (D) can I





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