Unit 19: In-flight Conversation

Two people, Maria and Seth, are sitting next to each other on a flight from Buenos Aires to Miami. They are talking about their previous travel.

1. Seth: I _________ on such a long flight. What about you?

     (A) was never     (B) have never been     (C) am never

2. Maria: I ___________ this flight many times.

     (A) took     (B) have taken     (C) am taking     (D) taking

3. Maria: For three years, from 1993 to 1996, I _______ a courier.

     (A) was     (B) have been     (C) was being

4. Seth: I ____________ about that kind of job. What exactly does a courier do?

     (A) heard     (B) have heard     (C) hear     (D) am hearing

5. Maria: Couriers usually carry documents from one place to another. One time I ________ a valuable collection of jewelry from Buenos Aires to New York.

     (A) carried     (B) have carried

6. I ____________ to relax for one minute during the whole trip! I was very nervous the whole time.

     (A) wasn't able     (B) haven't been able     (C) am not able

7. Seth: __________ being a courier after that trip?

     (A) Did you stop     (B) Have you stopped     (C) Do you stop

8. Yes, about two months later. I guess the between 1993 and 1996 I ________ twenty trips to the United States. This must be your first trip to the States.

     (A) made     (B) have made     (C) make      (D) am making

9. Seth: Yes, it is. I ___________ a lot in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, but this is my first trip outside of South America.

     (A) traveled     (B) have traveled

10. Maria: I _________ Chile, but not to Brazil. Someday, I want to visit other countries in South America, but as a tourist, not as a courier.

     (A) have gone     (B) went     (C) go





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