Unit 18: At the Office

1. Jennifer has to finish the report and ________ it for her clients.

     (A) copies     (B) copy     (C) copying     (D) to copy

2 . A: Why is Amanda always late?     B: She often _______ her bus.

     (A) miss     (B) misses     (C) missing     (D) to miss


3. A: Is Marco at home tonight?     B: No, he usually ________ in the library.

     (A) to study     (B) study     (C) studies     (D) studying

4. The drawings Mark made for the meeting _______ perfect!

     (A) are     (B) is

5 & 6. A: Why did you go home so early yesterday?     B: We always _______ at 3:00 on Friday.

     (A) close     (B) closes     (C) closed     (D) closing

7. Ryan and Keiko ________ the new managers.

     (A) is     (B) they are     (C) are     (D) to be

8. A group of managers from the main office ________ visiting the factory today.

     (A) is     (B) are     (C) they are     (D) it is

9 & 10. Our production team _________ a meeting on Monday morning. We _______to finish this project before then.

     (A) have     (B) has     (C) having     (D) to have





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