Unit 17: A Stay in Australia


Two people, Jan and Paul, see each other for the first time in a long while.

1. Paul! What a surprise! I'm glad to ______ ! Where have you been?

     (A) see     (B) see you

2. I've been in Australia. My company ______ to our branch office in Sydney.

     (A) sent     (B) sent me

3. Jan: How long were you there?     Paul: Well, I ________ on December 8th, and I left on March 3rd - about 3 months.

     (A) arrived     (B) arrived it

4. Did you _________?

     (A) enjoy     (B) enjoy it

5. The first few weeks it was difficult to be away from my family. I ______ a lot. But after a while, I was okay.

     (A) missed     (B) missed them

6. What _____________?

     (A) happened     (B) happened it

7. Once the job _________, I got very busy.

     (A) started     (B) started it

8. All my worries suddenly ________.

     (A) disappeared     (B) disappeared me

9. Jan: What was the weather like when you were there?     Paul: It was summer. Warm and not much rain. I _________.

     (A) liked     (B) liked it

10. You would have a good time there, Jan. I hope that someday you can _________.

     (A) go     (B) go Australia





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