Unit 16: School Talk

1. The new semester begins today. ________ sign up for classes?

     (A) You     (B) Were you     (C) Do you     (D) Did you

2. Why aren't the students here? Don't they ________ the correct classroom is Room 201?

     (A) know     (B) knew     (C) have known     (D) knowing

3 & 4. A: Did you ________ a uniform in high school?     B: No. Do we have to ________ one at this school?     A: No, of course not.

     (A) wear     (B) wearing     (C) wears

5. ____ all of the new students ________ their books?

     (A) Did/buy     (B) Did/bought     (C) Have/buying     (D) Are/bought

6. The teachers are still in the teacher's lounge. ________ hear the bell?

     (A) Did they     (B) Have they     (C) Are they

7. ________ teacher speak only English in class today?

     (A) Did you     (B) Do your     (C) Did your     (D) Has your

8. The school performance begins at 7:00. Did all of the ________ to attend?

     (A) students will want     (B) student wants     (C) student wanted     (D) students want

9 & 10. A: ________ have a test last Thursday?     B: No, we had it last Friday. Because you were absent, ________ want to take it today?

     (A) do you     (B) do we     (C) did we     (D) did you





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