Unit 15: About People

1 & 2. The students couldn't sit ________ at the lecture. It was cold and the seats were not ________.

     (A) comfortable     (B) comfortably

3. Why are you going to marry Robert? He is so ________!

     (A) selfishly     (B) selfish

4 & 5. Rick is a ________ driver. He was in two car accidents last year. He should drive more _________.

     (A) carelessly     (B) careful     (C) carefully     (D) careless

6 & 7. Janet speaks so ________that we can hardly hear her. She has a ________ voice.

     (A) softly     (B) too soft     (C) soft     (D) loudly

8. Why isn't Ingrid smiling? She is the ________ winner of 5,000 dollars!

     (A) unlucky     (B) luckily     (C) unluckily     (D) lucky

9 & 10. Tony ________ broke his mother's vase. She was sad but not ________ because Tony was only four years old.

     (A) accidentally     (B) angry     (C) angrily     (D) accidental





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