Unit 14: The Sights of New York City

Complete the following sentences with at, in, on, or to.

1. The entrance to Grand Central Station, one of the most famous railroad stations in the world, is located _____ the corner of Vanderbilt Avenue and 42nd Street.

2. The Empire State Building, once the tallest building in the world and still a symbol of New York, is ____ Fifth Avenue, between 33rd and 34th Streets.

3. If you want to go ____ the Statue of Liberty, which has welcomed millions of immigrants to the United States, you can take a boat from Battery Park.

4. The New York Stock Exchange is located ____ 20 Broad Street, in the heart of the Financial District.

5. Strawberry Fields, a memorial to John Lennon, is located ____ Central Park.

6. Carnegie Hall, one of the worlds' most important concert halls, is ____ the corner of Seventh Avenue and 5th Street.

7. The Metropolitan Opera House is ____ Lincoln Center.

8. The United Nations is located ____ First Avenue.

9. If you want to take the bus ____ the United Nations, take bus M5, M27, or M50 ___ 46th Street.

10. The Museum of Modern Art is ____ 11 West 53rd Street.





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