Unit 13: A Day in the Life of Captain Olson

1. Jeff Olson is a pilot for an international airline company. He began flying _______ 1989.

     (A) at     (B) on     (C) in     (D) for

2 & 3. He is scheduled to fly to Hong Kong tomorrow _________ 5:00 o'clock. He will return home _________ Friday.

     (A) on     (B) at     (C) in     (D) for

4. Pilots must be very healthy and have perfect eye sight. They usually visit the doctor every three months. Jeff has an appointment ___________ March 3rd _______ 3:00.

     (A) at     (B) on     (C) in     (D) for

5. Being in different time zones is difficult. When it is 1:00 a.m. ________ London it is 9:00 p.m. ___ Hong Kong.

     (A) in     (B) at     (C) on

6 & 7. A: What do you like best about being a pilot?     B: The color of the sky _______ the morning _______ sunrise is so beautiful. I love it.

     (A) in     (B) at     (C) on

8 & 9. A: When do pilots usually retire, stop working?     B: Pilots usually retire early, around 55 years old. I will retire _____ the end of this year.     A: Oh, that's _______ one month!

     (A) at     (B) on     (C) in     (D) for

10. Jenny Stevens, who is also a pilot, has flown to Hong Kong three times ________ month.

     (A) at this     (B) in this     (C) on this     (D) this





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