Unit 12: Movie reviews


1. This movie is about a clumsy waitress. She was carrying coffee to a customer and ________ it on him.

     (A) to spill     (B) spilled     (C) spill     (D) spills

2. A little girl was sitting in a boat when it came untied and ________ away.

     (A) floating      (B) floated     (C) float     (D) floats

3 & 4. Nick ________ the lottery last weekend. He was so excited that he _______ a heart attack and died before he could collect the prize.

     (A) won      (B) had     (C) wins     (D) has

5. Many people today ________ Audrey Hepburn. She ________ a great actress and played in many movies.

    (A) become     (B) became     (C) remembered     (D) remember

6. T.J. Jackson ________ the screenplay for the movie "Electric." It was not a very successful movie.

     (A) writes     (B) wrote     (C) written     (D) will write

7 & 8. A: How much money ________ it cost to make the movie Beloved in 1998?     B: I believe it ________ about 60 million dollars.

     (A) cost     (B) did     (C) does     (D) has cost

9. Although Harrison _____ sick for several weeks, he ________ and was able to act in the movie.

     (A) was     (B) is     (C) recovered     (D) recovers

10. Charlie Chaplin ________ the most famous actor in silent films.

     (A) was     (B) is     (C) is being     (D) has been





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