Unit 11: Would you be my tennis partner?


1. Hello, Sara? My name is Phil McCall. You _______ me -- not well, anyway -- but we met briefly a few weeks ago.

     a. don't know     b. aren't knowing

2. ____________ the party two weeks ago at Mia's house? We talked for a few minutes, but we didn't actually introduce ourselves.

    a. Do you remember     b. Are you remembering

3. Maybe you ________ what I look like?

     a. forget     b. are forgetting

4. I'm a big guy. I'm about 160 cm. tall, and I _______ about 80 kilos.

     a. weigh     b. am weighing

5. I ____________ to remember if I mentioned it at the party, but I've seen you at the University Tennis Club.

     a. try     b. am trying

6. You _______ to be a very good tennis player.

     a. seem     b. are seeming

7. Did you know that the club ________ a mixed doubles tournament this weekend?

     a. has     b. is having

8. I __________ to play in the tournament.

     a. want     b. am wanting

9. But I _________ a partner for the tournament. I ___________ one yet.

     a. need     b. am needing     c. don't have     d. am not having

10. I __________ that this is a sudden invitation, but would you be interested?

     a. realize     b. am realizing





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