Unit 10: Children at the Zoo

Mr. Mason works in the Children's Center at the San Diego Zoo. He answers questions that children ask him.

  1. Child: I have a question about bears. _______ dangerous?
  2. Mr. Mason: It is never a good idea to approach a bear too closely.

    a. They are     b. Are they     c. Is it


  3. Child: What kind of animal is the spider? ______ an insect?
  4. Mr. Mason: No, it's not an insect. Insects have six legs, and spiders have eight.

    a. They are     b. Is     c. Is it


  5. Child: I like frogs. _______ gentle?
  6. Mr. Mason: Most are, but some are poisonous.

    a. Is it     b. Are they     c. They are


  7. Child: What about bats? _______ birds?
  8. Mr. Mason: No, they aren't. You will be surprised to learn this, but bats are mammals.

    a. Are     b. Are they     c. Is it


  9. Child: Look at my drawing. What __________?
  10. Mr. Mason: It looks like a penguin.

    a. is it     b. it is     c. is


  11. Child: Penguins can't fly, but my brother says they are birds. ________ really birds?
  12. Mr. Mason: Your brother is correct.

    a. Is it     b. Are     c. Are they


  13. Child: My friend says that all snakes are poisonous. ________ all poisonous?
  14. Mr. Mason: No, that's not true. Many snakes are harmless.

    a. Is     b. Is it     c. Are they


  15. Child: What's the biggest animal in the world? _________ an elephant?
  16. Mr. Mason: No, the biggest one is the blue whale.

    a. Is     b. Is it     c. Are they


  17. Child: You work in a zoo. Which animals ________ afraid of?
  18. a. are     b. are you     c. you are


  19. Mr. Mason: I'm not afraid of any of the animals in the zoo. But I wouldn't walk into a cage with the tigers. Do you know why? ___________ friendly or dangerous?

a. Is tigers     b. Tigers are     c. Are tigers





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