Unit 1: Travel Agency

Mr. Ishii works for a travel agency in Chicago. He is describing some of the people on the staff.

  1. Sheri Ramos arranges travel to Asia. ______ moved here from the Philippines, her native country, five years ago.
  2. a. He     b. She     c. It


  3. Sheri often goes to Australia. _____ is her favorite place for a vacation.
  4. a. He     b. She     c. It


  5. Sheri's husband is Australian. _____ asked Sheri to marry him two weeks after they met.
  6. a. He     b. She     c. It


  7. Worldwide Travel sells a lot of vacation packages to Hawaii. _____ is a popular place for people to go on their honeymoon.
  8. a. He     b. She     c. It


  9. Mimi Santos, our Hawaii specialist, spent her childhood in Honolulu. _____ studied business at the University of Florida.
  10. a. He     b. She     c. It


  11. Carlos Garcia has many years of experience in arranging travel to Latin America. ______ can recommend the best places to visit anywhere in Latin America.
  12. a. He     b. She     c. It


  13. Carlos loves Buenos Aires. He says _____ is one of the most romantic cities in the world.
  14. a. He     b. She     c. It


  15. James Sanders is the newest member of our staff. ______ started working at Worldwide Travel last month.
  16. a. He     b. She     c. It


  17. Keiko Takeda is the owner of Worldwide Travel. _____ bought the company in 1992 with the help of a loan from her two closest friends.
  18. a. He     b. She     c. It


  19. Since 1992, the staff of Worldwide Travel has grown from three employees to fifty employees. _____ is one of the biggest travel agencies in Chicago.

    a. He     b. She     c. It





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