IHere are some extra units that you can use with your students.  These units come from the first edition of the Impact Issues series, and include topics that are not in the current edition. These extra units are ordered in approximate order of difficulty.

How to use the Extra Units:
1. Download the pdf file of the 2-page spread for each unit. Make copies for the students.
2.Download the audio file of the audio for the unit. Use this in an mp3 player with speakers, or make a CD copy of the audio file for classroom use.
3. Proceed through each unit, as you do with the units in the current edition: Go over the main reading with the audio, solicit the students’ opinions with the What do you think?/Points of View section, incorporating the audio as needed, and finally carry out the communicative task (Thinking about the topic/Looking at the Issue/Discussion Activity).

Unit Title
Focus question
  Health I can’t stop How do we deal with addictions in our lives?
  Dating Who pays? Who should take the lead in dating?
  Education I hate school! How important is it to get a college degree?
  Psychology My other life How should we treat criminals?
  Justice 20 years of pain How should we intervene in domestic violence?
  Marriage Happily ever after Is it essential to have children to be happy? 
  Friendship Growing apart How can we help friends who are in trouble?
  Medicine The right to die Do people have the right to choose to die?
  Terrorism Hostage What is the best way to deal with terrorists?
  Business Drinking workers Are business people obligated to socialize with their colleagues?
  Family A good parent Can a same-sex couple be good parents for a child?
  Identity Losing touch How should a bicultural child deal with her two cultures?